RAF Old Sarum has had a long list of Commanding Officers. We would like to know more about the individuals tasked with the role.

Please contact us if you have any information you would like to share.

Late 1920 Sqn Ldr H L F Hunter*

Feb 1921 Wg Cdr E L Gossage*

Feb 1923 Wg Cdr O T Boyd*

Jan 1926 Wg Cdr A S Barratt*

Apr 1927 Wg Cdr T L Leigh-Mallory*

Jan 1930 Wg Cdr R E Saul*

Apr 1933 Gp Capt C H B Blount*

Aug 1936 Gp Capt A J Capel* **

Dec 1938 Gp Capt J B Cole-Hamilton* **

Feb 1940 Gp Capt C J S Dearlove*

Jan 1941 Gp Capt M C Saward*

Oct 1943 Air Cdre I J Fitch*

Jul 1944 Gp Capt R S Sugden*

Dec 1944 Wg Cdr B F Moore

Jun 1947 Wg Cdr BJ Paul

Aug 1949 Wg Cdr E J Morris

Jan 1952 Wg Cdr F L Sayers

Mar 1953 Sqn Ldr A M Gill

Jun 1955 Wg Cdr J N Kentish

1956 Wg Cdr N J Bradley

1959 Wg Cdr N Briggs

Aug 1961 Wg Cdr D Shepherd

Dec 1964-196? OC unknown

Mar 196? Wg Cdr C J Samouell

Jul 1969 Wg Cdr A T Powell

5 Jan 1970 Wg Cdr D C G Brook


*Cmdt, School of Army Co-Operation **OC, Old Sarum, & Cmdt, School of Army Co-Operation