Key information


Location: N51 05.93 / W001 47.05 – 2nm NNE of Salisbury

Hours: Open 7 days 08:30 to 18:30 (local) or sunset, whichever is soonest.

In the summer the airfield may remain open until 20:00 (unlicensed) or sunset, whichever is soonest.

Telephone: 01722 322525

Services: Air Ground Radio (Channel 123.205)

Callsign: Old Sarum Radio

Facilities: Avgas, Jet A-1, aircraft parking / hangarage (overnight or longer).

Aerodrome chart: Available on the NATS website.

Facilities: Fully licensed cafe and take away, picnic area, toilets, free wifi, free parking, disabled facilities and parking.

Runway elevation: 285 ft amsl

Runway 06: Grass unlit TORA - 781 m LDA - 781 m

Runway 24: Grass unlit TORA - 781 m LDA - 731 m

Important information for visitors: PPR is required, either via RT before entering the ATZ, or by online form.

Non-radio aircraft are not accepted.

Note that Boscombe ATZ is H24.

Joining and departure information: Our ATZ is within the Boscombe Down & Middle Wallop CMATZ. Contact 'Boscombe Zone' on 126.700.

Arrive by positioning to the south of Alderbury at 800 ft QFE / 1100 ft QNH. Join using an extended base leg join.

Overhead joins are only possible with Boscombe's permission.

Give way to circuit traffic.

Depart via crosswind leg to Alderbury.

  • If the '06 right' is in use, Alderbury must be on your right - leaving or joining.
  • If '24 left' is in use, Alderbury must be on your left - leaving or joining.

When the Boscombe Down & Middle Wallop CMATZ is inactive, straight-ahead departures are possible.

Parachute procedures are activated by radio on 123.205 (Old Sarum Radio). The procedures remain in force until declared ended by Old Sarum Radio – generally when all canopies are down and the paradrop aircraft is established in the circuit. The paradrop aircraft will prefix its call-sign with the word, Para, eg 'Para Alpha November’. Visiting pilots should note that after dropping parachutists, (from altitudes up to FL150), the paradrop aircraft will make an expeditious descent in the vicinity of the Airfield.

When parachute procedures are in operation:

  • no overhead joins
  • all go-arounds to be flown to the North side of the runway
  • no early turns onto crosswind
  • rotary traffic to call on RT before starting rotors
  • all rotary traffic to follow the fixed wing circuit

Currently, parachuting takes place Thursdays to Sundays and on public holidays.

Noise abatement: All pilots should comply with Old Sarum's joining and departure procedures. These have been developed to maximise the safety of all aerodrome users and to minimise noise disturbance to our neighbours.

Please do not overfly Alderbury or Salisbury Cathedral.