Our trees get a haircut

The trees alongside the hangar have had a well overdue trim.

Whilst they do look quite lovely in the spring, it’s hard to deny that the trees next to the hangar have become overgrown. Branches have been encroaching on windows and the excess of leaves and debris have been causing a problem with drainage. As such, with the necessary permissions in place, we have had our friends at J Turner Forestry give them a much needed haircut. The ongoing process has been checked out by Wiltshire council’s arboriculture officer and has been deemed more than satisfactory. All works have been done within the guidelines laid out in the Wildlife and Countryside Act by highly qualified and experienced foresters.

Each tree has been independently assessed and as a result have all had a bit of work done – some re-pollarded back to 1m above their previous pollard point and others just a simple prune of the lower level branches. Whilst the difference does seem quite extreme, pollarding allows more light into the access road and prevents any sub-level damage from overgrown roots whilst still retaining habitat needs for all the wildlife that call the trees home. In addition, it helps keep the trees healthy and they will grow in a more controlled manner in the upcoming years.

  • Before...
  • spot the tree surgeon
  • After...